‘The Shard’

English: Shard London Bridge under-constructio...

English: Shard London Bridge under-construction on New Year’s Day 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A few weeks ago I completed a journey from Blackheath in London to London bridge station. As I left the station I was surprised to find myself at the base of ‘The Shard’ one of the highest buildings in Europe. As I looked up into the sky to see the top of the building I was simply overawed. I then wondered what a wonderful view it would offer overlooking London city and beyond.

If you go to ‘The Shard’ website  you will be able to see the view from the top and how the building fits into the London bridge quarter. In considering the view we may take it in from a full 360 degree angle. However, we could be focused on the North or the South from the East to the West depending on our interests at that time! Often within the coaching process we might feel a sense of loss as we arrive or stay at a particular station. We may have to look again at the travel instructions to ensure that we arrive at our intended destination which we can see in our minds eye.

The process of ‘Visualization’ is a very powerful one which in our own differing ways can help us to move from our current position quickly or steadily to a new one. To have a vision, goal or picture of a place we want to get to is important in having and holding on to a hope and purpose in our lives that applies itself to all aspects of our life experiences. When booking our holidays it helps to see a picture of the place we will be saving up to go to.

It has been said that ‘when people do not have a vision, picture or sense of a new hope to go to, then we can feel lost, hopeless and even rudderless in life.’ We can embrace faith, hope, belief and love in God to guide us to new places and for those near and dear to us they can help us to keep upon a life pathway that will bring to us a sense of happiness and peace.

So picture yourself at the top of ‘The Shard.’ Are you looking back and feel stuck in places where you were many years ago? Are you afraid of looking forward because of being so high up and represents a place of insecurity, the unknown! Are we happy to be in the ‘present’ situations we face today, grateful for those past experiences and excited about new opportunities ahead of us!

So are you happy where you are today? Where do you see yourself in the next 12 months, 2 years, 5 years? What will help you to be strong in the present reaching out to the future? Just as the view from the top of ‘The Shard’ will be breathtaking so in thinking about our own futures they too can be breathtaking as we apply faith in our Lord, faith in ourselves, and faith in those close to us who seek to spur us forward hoping to be there with us.

‘Seeing is believing.’ Yet so often we have to take a step of faith to move from one place in life to another!

Many blessings Graham 

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