Listen to hear, understand to act.

It has been said to all of us and we have related it back to others: “Haven’t you listened (heard) to a word that I have said!”  We have two ears and one mouth for a reason! However, in our listening to others we so often focus our attention on how to reply to what we think has been said, rather than understand what has been spoken! A good way to listen is to concentrate fully on what a person is saying to us, which is also reflected in the person’s body language. The task for all of us is to reflect back to the person we have been listening to, what we have actually heard them say!

We have also heard it said: “we only hear what we want to hear!” In listening we may hear our inner voice, the voice of others around us, the voice related to faith and the voice of expectation and demands placed upon us within society. In our various jobs we will have to use a range of listening skills and requirements. We listen to the customer and respond accordingly!  We passively listen to the radio, which helps us to while away the hours of day! So often in life we listen, but recognise that we do not hear! We may hear many voices but often do not understand what we have listened to! This process will greatly affect our subsequent actions and reactions. So it is very important to practice the art of ‘listening to hear.’

In life we all have different ‘roles and responsibilities,’ which relate to our places of work, family relationships, personal development and other aspects of life’s challenges that impact upon us. Within the coaching process we can find quality time to think about how best to ‘listen to hear.’ It can enable us to increase in self confidence and awareness, so as to understand in more detail our own aspirations and goals for the immediate and the future. This process can bring to us an increased ability to ‘act and react’ as required in those ‘roles and responsibilities’ we carry on a daily basis.

In understanding ourselves better in relation to those around us, we will be more able to make and carry through actions that are required for the present and to carefully plan and implement actions that will influence our future. In our busy worlds we increasingly find it hard to ‘listen to hear,’ ‘then understand to act. ‘What a joy and delight we can have in giving ourselves quality time to listen to our own voice, the voice of faith, the wise words of our loved ones around us.

To clarify the ‘roles and responsibilities’ that we carry can be a very liberating experience. John in writing the book of Revelation (3 v 22) reminds us that “he who has an ear, let them hear (listen) to what the spirit (of faith and the age) says to us.” This process is unique for each one of us. It will have its own ’cause and effect,’ it will enhance our understanding. It will increase our confidence to ‘act and react’ in the duties of life that we all carry.

Enjoy ‘listening to hear, understanding to act.’


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