Cut back

A family member who works in environmental management, told me about the sources of renewable energy that are available, compared to the limited resources of Gas, Coal and Oil.

There is Nuclear fission and fusion. Water through a dam produces hydroelectric power. The waves from the sea and river offers energy from a barrage, stream, and dynamic system.
There are various forms of Solar power that produce a source of heat, light and electricity.

On and offshore Wind Turbines as well as High altitude wind may be viewed as enhancing or blighting our sea and countryside. To a lesser degree there is Geothermal, Biomass and an Air Source from the ground that energises our domestic and work places.


As individuals we want to renew what we have used or lost. Often in life we find that our daily strength drains away and we feel fatigued and discouraged.

In booking a trip or holiday away we desire to experience a renewal from our everyday work and home environment. We seek a rest to help recharge our human resources.

One of my favourite places in the UK is Cornwall and when I was younger loved surfing the waves!

If you check out this article.
it offers the top ten surfing spots in the UK and recommends that the best time to visit is in the autumn not the summer so as to catch the perfect wave.

For a beginner Watergate Bay in Cornwall is recommended.
The intermediate surfer will head for Sennen Cove also in Cornwall
True experts can travel north to Turso in East Scotland or south to Freshwater Bay in Pembrokeshire which I have personally experienced.

Freshwater Bay

An artificial wave pool in North Wales would be an exciting place to visit also!

In the popular Beach boy’s song ‘Everybody’s gone surfin’ the surfers look forward to planning their route in their baggies. They wax down the surfboards and head straight for the waves, which in California, is best experienced in June!

The car is parked on the beach. We change into a wet suit if it’s cold or our swimwear if it’s hot. We check the conditions of the sea and get out the surf board. The beach patrol gives us the signal and then we get ready to go surfing.

We enter the sea and when it is deep enough we get on the surfboard and paddle to a place where the waves are strong.

We choose a big wave to mount and surf the best we can. The surf may last a brief moment or longer as we cruise along that powerful wave.

A surfer is always trying to maximise the length of the surf to enjoy it and entertain those watching. However, when they enter a flat section in the sea and the wave is backing off they will lose speed!

Action that makes a difference is required and that is a good ‘cut back.’ The surfer uses the wave to take them back to a more powerful part of it!

When the wave is high and they are placed under it, they look to surf the top of it rotating their bodies in a ‘cut back’ position. They stretch out the arms in a tee position to touch the top of the waves and gain that power to continue surfing.

In surfing the waves of life I wonder where your energy comes from.
What strategies do you have to try to regain any loss of energy?

When our strength fails it can cause us to feel down cast. It can affect our self-confidence, decision making, our relationships and personal health.

Often there is so much negative energy that surfaces around us that only serves to drain us.

How can we find that positive energy to renew and help us continue surfing the waves?
Functional manoeuvres can re-energise us. A dysfunctional energy and action takes the power from us and we feel fatigued again.

• In maintaining those physical energy levels that drive us, it’s important to enjoy regular exercise, keep a balanced diet and have sound sleep.

• To sustain our thinking we look for wisdom and teaching. Reading wholesome literature and listening to uplifting music can strengthen our understanding.

• In a holistic way we embrace spiritual reflection and contemplation. We can be ‘transformed by a renewal of our minds,’ (Romans 12 v 2) so not to lose heart. ‘Though our outer nature is wasting away, our inner nature is being renewed every day.’ (2 Corinthians 4 v 16)

So think of a formulae or manoeuvre such as the ‘cut back’ in surfing terms, which may help you to find the power to enjoy and entertain your surfing in life?


It is vital to practise and apply what is required.

Whilst working towards the plan it is also important to take time to stop and rest and then be fresh to start all over again.

So may you enjoy the ‘energy’, practise the ‘cut backs’ and experience that important renewal and restoration!


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