Lots of change has taken place in the UK during 2016, with the Brexit result one of the most surprising. However, many of our friends worldwide have also witnessed various changes including the Presidential election in America.

Seasons and situations change and transformation takes place in a natural and progressive way as well as in more violet and disturbing tones.

In defining Transformation we may say it is something that incurs a change: in form, nature or appearance! The caption below reminds us of the transforming power of superman, whilst not forgetting superwoman!


Other aspects of Transformation may include a process of: Conversion For example when we travel abroad we have to convert our precious Pounds into Euros, Dollars or another currency.

Following the UK referendum result there will be many Amendments that have to be worked out to accommodate the Brexit process in the realm of political debate, UK and European law.

The clocks have moved back an hour and the season of Autumn is fully underway which will bring its own changes. Millions of leaves fall to the ground which allows the earthworms to transform them into our precious soil and many creatures look to hibernate ready for the onslaught of Winter.

In the centre of Manchester, just after the Christmas lights have been switched on, we witness a flurry of activity as the various squares and public spaces are transformed into one of the biggest Christmas markets in Europe.


The market has become very successful over recent years as a result of lots of hard work, a collective desire to make it adventurous, and offer those who attend a sense of Festive cheer and beauty.

For a moment may we consider three aspects of any Transformational process?

The Task. The Adventure and The Beauty.

The Task

Think about that Challenging Task that you have to work in and through today?

It could be a Physical problem that is affecting you and you wonder how you’re going to cope in such a situation.

Relationships in the family, at work and socially are stressful and it all seems to be getting out of hand?

Personal Finances have become strained and we wonder how we are going to make ends meet during this next few months?

Our Housing situation has changed and it is throwing up numerous issues that require urgent attention and it all feels quite scary.

You have heard it said: ’don’t bring me problems, bring me the solutions.’ The difficulty is that when we are feeling overwhelmed we can easily give up hope and solutions evade us. In such situations it is always good to talk with those who are close to us and gain some profession advice and support.

The Adventure

We have just entered Advent which focuses our attention on the true meaning of Christmas. In these times of change it’s important not to forget that as well as sensing fear and dread it can also represent an opportunity for Adventure, a new start and fresh opportunities.

This in many ways represents the mood in the UK between those who wanted to Remain in Europe and those who voted to Leave, Fear and Opportunity abound!

For a moment outline some things that you are personally involved in and assess whether they represent a chore or delight? Such activities may bring us a roller coaster experience full of ups and downs. Yet each day is a gift for us to grasp hold of and take part in.

The Beauty

I just love the whole thought of how beauty can emerge out of ashes and rubble. There are many examples where individuals work on different types of plans and projects.

In the UK the TV programme Grand Designs records many people working hard on an adventure to produce a building that is transformed from one form of structure into something that, in the eye of the beholder and the financial provider, has become a thing of Beauty.


I’m sure there are areas in your life that have been regenerated due to following certain ideas and models.

However, there are plenty of models that squeeze us into lifestyles that may not be beneficial and do not give us the Happiness and Strength we desire.

In Albert’s Square in Manchester we see Father Christmas positioned on the town hall which represents the fun and commercial side of Christmas.


Alternatively the Nativity scene at St Anne’s square, just around the corner from Albert’s square, reminds us of the baby in the crib who is still influencing and transforming individuals and nations today offering an alternative model and mould of living?


So life is about Seasons and Transformations. Try and recognise the Season you are in and the Transformations you are going through and confidently take those baby steps to become your own Superman or Superwomen into the forthcoming New Year 2017.


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