Life after the Pandemic

It has been over a hundred days since the start of the coronavirus lockdown in England. I have been thinking about what to share as a blog and found that two guest writers were willing to share their own different reflections on lockdown. Jennifer from America and Anne from the UK and I assume no responsibility for their personal comments.

IMG_4067  In our home from the first day of lockdown to the 4th of July I have lit a candle in our front spare bedroom window as a sign of hope and prayer for all our local community to see and experience.

Rudyard Kipling a famous writer who not long after getting married to his wife Carrie, built themselves a home in the country. It was a year before they met the lady who lived on the hillside opposite to them. ‘Are you the new lights across the valley’ she asked? ‘Yes’ was the reply. ‘You don’t know what a comfort those lights have been to me during this winter time.’

Upon hearing the words of their neighbour, as long as the Kipling’s remained at that home they kept the curtains open for the light to shine and be a comfort to her. We never know to whom the light of our thoughtful actions reaches. They shine brightly having their own particular impact upon those around us.

Below is the article sent from Jennifer Scott my guest writer.

Jennifer writes about the ups and downs of her life on which is a source of information for people with mental illness and a forum where those living with anxiety and depression can come together to discuss their experiences. Based in Philadelphia, she enjoys traveling, working with animals, and seeking out new friendships and adventures.

How to Move Forward When the Pandemic Has Thrown Life off Course

Covid  Photo credit: Rawpixel

Most of us have a complicated relationship with change. There are times when we welcome change and work toward making it happen, such as going for a promotion at work. But when change comes, even those changes we hoped and planned for, we struggle to adapt. None of us planned on going through a pandemic, and now that it’s here, COVID-19 has led to even more changes in our lives. So what are we to do when life throws us off course? The answer is to get back on track, even if that means going in a new direction.

Find a Positive Response to What You Can’t Control

Part of what makes today’s changes hard is that so many are outside our control. We’ve all made some changes in response to the pandemic, but there are some aspects of life that just can’t be put on hold. That’s when we have to find creative ways to respond. Say, for example, that circumstances mean you need to move, and you can’t wait until the COVID-19 pandemic is over. You may be worried about buying a home and wonder if it’s even possible to see homes that are on the market. Thankfully, the real estate market has adapted, and technology has made it possible for buyers to see homes virtually by viewing a 3D walkthrough, taking a video chat tour, or dropping into a virtual open house.

Another example is how soon-to-be parents are handling social distancing. All you really need to have a baby are the bare necessities, but special events like baby showers are normally part of the journey to parenthood that couples enjoy sharing with their loved ones. If you don’t want to miss out, digital tools come in handy here, too! Close friends and family members can throw you a virtual baby shower, complete with decorations, digital invitations, and even games.

Focus on What You CAN Control

Some circumstances in our lives are dictated by the pandemic, but we have to remember that there are so many more things that we can still control. One example is how we can still take care of our own health needs. Besides taking steps to prevent the spread of the virus, we can all find ways to exercise, prepare healthy meals, stay connected with loved ones, and care for our emotional and spiritual selves.

Another change many of us are going through is working from home. This is one change that has some perks, but working effectively when you’re home can be a challenge. If this is a challenge for you, remember that you DO have control over your work environment, and changing it up can boost your productivity. recommends getting rid of clutter and giving your workspace some ambiance. Think of this as your chance to create a work area that truly inspires you!

Take Steps to Move Forward

For many people, going through this pandemic has left them with uncertainty. Maybe you’ve experienced a change like being laid off from your job, and you aren’t sure where to go next. That uncertainty can be a scary feeling, but the best way to break out of it is by taking action. What are your dreams that you never followed? Maybe the changes in your career mean it’s time to go for those dreams.

Following your dreams may involve making a career change, or maybe it means stepping back from work and focusing on a new hobby. Whatever moving forward means to you, CNBC recommends diving right in by getting several projects going. This doesn’t mean you should take on more work or activities than you can handle, but you should use this opportunity to try new things, develop new skills, and stay open to new possibilities.

Most importantly, don’t wait until you feel 100 percent confident that you’re moving in the right direction. The last thing you want is to find yourself standing still, stuck in a rut that you can’t seem to escape. They say that change is the only constant in life, so why spend your time fighting it?

Thanks Jennifer for those inspiring and helpful insights as how to get back on track after Covid 19. I would like to introduce you to my second guest writer Anne Harris who lives on the South Coast of England and is a qualified coach. She has a background in nursing, health service research and quality improvement.

May your light shine brightly even in the daily darkness that emerges so as to be a strength and encouragement to neighbours friends and family.


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