Alignment 2020 (4 Min)

Alignment is a very important aspect of relational living that seeks to maintain order and allows for everyday adjustments. In a mechanical setting it is vital to line up wheels, pipes and fittings so that movement, function and configuration adheres to various legal and customer requirements.Wheel alignmentWe all associate ourselves to likeminded people, a set of beliefs and a lifestyle orientation within an individual and collective framework. This gives us self-identity, meaning and acceptance within our modern and diverse world in which we all can enjoy and appreciate.


As a person of faith I seek to understand God’s daily ‘will and way’ for me, my family and those I love and care for. I pray and trust that it produces some semblance of order and success in my life in its own appropriate way. This concurs with a wise saying as found in Proverbs 16 v 3.

“Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established.” (Revised Standard Version)

First baby steps

As a family we have just celebrated our grandson’s first birthday. Then we witnessed him walking hand in hand with his Daddy in his new three and a half sized shoes, aligned together and upright. In wearing his shoes he seemed to be immediately transformed from that static and crawling baby to the toddler ready to walk.  First baby shoesI don’t think many of us will recall our own first baby steps but it is fascinating to watch them especially as a G-Pops. You may remember those times as a child, parent or family member when your feet aligned with the one you were walking with (even standing on their feet) and feeling that sense of security and stability?


Alignment is a constant activity and has to calibrate itself in many ways as we navigate life’s changes. Certainly in recent months we have all had to understand the changes that have taken place and how to readapt to personal relationships, work responsibilities and our general wellbeing.

As we enter into a time of autumn I am reminded of the words of the English poet James Masefield who described butterflies as the ‘souls of the summer hours.’ He saw them as a reminder of something far bigger and more beautiful in life than our daily chores and responsibilities. During the spring and summer hours of 2020 it has been important to recognize what we have, what we have lost and to purposely realign ourselves to what is required so as to maintain our bodies, minds and souls.

Daily rhythm

Recently in my general reading and awareness I have found that many people have been commenting on the idea of doing less in certain areas of our lives so that we may be more productive. Many suggest that we align ourselves more closely to a daily rhythm and cycle of life. When we are in such a rhythm it anchors us and maintains a measure of stability and order.

When our daily routine and cycle is disrupted then productivity and disorder will come into play. I have found it helpful to revisit certain areas in my own life and consider places where I may ease off. This has enabled me to give more time to other aspects of my life which will bring more harmony and productivity to my summer and autumn hours.

This got me thinking about mood and structure and how they affect each other. When we are low in mood it decreases our ability to maintain structure and productivity. When we have a good structure and work/life balance then it enhances our mood which affects those around us.


During this pandemic both mood and structure has severely impacted everyone. As a result it will take time to realign and readjust to that ‘new normal.’ In these next few months it is vital to look afresh at some of the keys areas that have been uppermost in our thinking.

  • The brevity of life. Life is so precious and we often take it for granted. May we appreciate the gift of life each and every day? May we commit and consider the bigger questions of life that bring us faith and purpose before our maker and creator.

  • Fear. The fear of the pandemic has paralysed many of us to such an extent that we are finding it difficult to make those new baby steps into the new normal. 

  • Employment, furlough and working from home. This has brought a mixed response. Many have benefitted from working from home. Many face the fear and reality of unemployment and its consequences.

  • Personal relationships and restricted contact. We are not meant to live in social isolation. Human interaction is vital to our wellbeing in general and has been a great loss for us all.

Realignment 2020

Consider your personal environment, does it settle or upset you? Try to ensure that you are living in step and intune with your family, friends and neighbours. Be kind to yourself. Maintain your faith in God who even through a pandemic can help us to realign to what is important for the present and for the future.


Each one of us will consider the rhythms of life in different ways. If our minds are steady and sure then our day will be more orderly. If our bodies are aching or being exercised then we may feel bad or good. If in our spirits we are uplifted, remain in faith and find communion with others, it will keep our equilibrium and alignment in all that we seek to ‘be and do.’

 Selah (pause to think calmly on what has just been read)


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