Audit 2020 (4 min)

An audit, not an Audi car unless you drive one, has an important place in many companies and organizations.

Audi car It is an official examination of yearly accounts or other activities. The purpose is to check that all the financial processes are correct for a given calendar year and ready to be submitted to Her Majesty’s government.

During an audit all levels of stock and products will be assessed to calculate that which has been sold and used compared to any losses and deficiencies that may have taken place. A concluding evaluation will be submitted to the company board or organizational management. Recommendations and adjustments may be suggested for future improvement of performance.

At this present time you might be happy driving your current car? However, if after its service and MOT the mechanic advices you that it would be better to replace it, how would you feel? Troubled or excited and what replacement would you consider? A good second hand car or a brand new Audi as seen in the photo?

Revolving door

Revolving door This revolving door at the Café Royal in London (photo by Oliver Smallman) has seen many people walk through it and enjoy its service and atmosphere as advertised: “a vibrant living room of London, the place to convene, converse and celebrate.” The door is both open and closed apart from a time when the hotel closes. A permanently closed door excludes people entering. When a door is open anyone can enter and leave when they so desire.

Life can be like a revolving door that both welcomes and excludes opportunities and difficulties. The sands of time never stand still, they are constantly changed by the tide and wind. In the drift of life we find that one door will open alongside another door that closes. A revolving door swirls with a natural and daily flow and only experiences trouble when people or luggage get stuck in between the sections of the door plus general wear and tear.

Weighing scales

On the eve of a new year it might be helpful to take a few moments to weight up the pros and cons that we have experienced in recent months. The use of weighting scales are vital when baking so that we produce a perfect cake! In using imaginary scales it can enable us to forge a balanced and consistent life in all the decisions and actions we look to take.


On the left hand side on your scales            On the right hand side of the scales

Identify all the closures and losses                                    Register all the good and new

that you have felt and experienced in 2020,                    experiences that have taken place

and what source of disappointment might they             in 2020, and identify them as a

be in the New Year?                                                               source of confidence for 2021.


During the last few months, especially in the light of all the restrictions enforced upon us at home, I have conducted my own audit related to my work, family and friends. I have considered the open and closed doors in front of me and I have weighed any advantages and disadvantages I have experienced and look to move into a period of adjustment with patience and excitement with three buzz words.

Let go When one door closes naturally or is shut abruptly in our faces, then it is important to set oneself free from the past and be thankful for all the good that has been gained from it.

Move forward Have a confidence that when one door has closed, another will open that allows us to press ahead into a new season planned or unplanned, that enables us to provide for ourselves and use our gifts and interests in a new and purposeful way.

Trust in the Lord I have a strong Christian faith that anchors me when I face those turbulent currents in life. The poem Footprints in the Sand reminds me that when we feel all alone, it is then that the Lord carries us as we trust in Him.


As the year ends take a few moments to do your own audit which you may want to share with a loved one for further advice or support. As you prepare to enter 2021 think about the doors that are wide open to you or are completely shut? Look for the revolving door that continually changes so offering you different options to enter or leave at your discretion.

As a family we are having great delight in singing and doing silly actions with our grandson to that popular song, We’re Going on a Bear hunt.   The song reminds us that in the journeys of life, we might not be able to get over or around whatever we face, but invariably we have to go through them with faith, fortitude and a fresh hope.

As referenced you may already drive an Audi car and want to adjust and change to another car in the New Year. Your goal may even be to acquire a brand new Audi? Be wise and patient in making decisions. Consider your options and weigh up any advice you are given. Be bold and brave.

Get ready for a new adventure, 2021.


For further reading hit the links below for the second edition of my book Blog 51 (October 2020) in black and white or colour

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