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For over thirty years I have worked in the church and local community. Currently I work as a Life Coach in and around Manchester alongside my main role as a Christian Minister specialising in support to those living with loss.

I have worked for 13 years in a supported housing project in Bury Manchester enabling many people to live independently in their own environment recovering from offending and addictive behaviour.

In my work I meet many people who have had positive and negative life experiences.

Each one requires a strength to recover from loss and identify new areas within their life that they want to bring change to. It is then important to form inspirational plans for a future that can be brighter, more fulfilling and purposeful.

As a Coach I offer a place of comfort and strength, a time for reflection and forming of new ideas. Inspirational planning enables a completion of identified goals

I recognise the value of person centred coaching which can run alongside a belief in being God centred.

This allows a person in the context of their faith or no faith, to find and fulfil present aims and future targets.


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