Insights from the bible


I would like to share with you some of the insights from the bible which I have written during the last twelve months. For twelve years I have shared random blogs on Inspire2Achieve that have been related to the coaching process with some spiritual application attached to it.

Since September 2019 I have felt compelled to write insights that are specifically connected to the teachings found in the bible. My hope is that they may be a source of help and encouragement for those wanting to grow in their faith, particularly from a Christian point of view.

For over thirty years I have gained lots of understanding in regards to the challenges and joys of daily living as a minister and life coach.

I have enjoyed exploring in more depth the rich value that biblical faith and understanding can bring to us. Some of the recent insights are structured in a way that they may be used for personal study or in a group context. So go along and check some insights out.

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My prayer is that you may grow in your understanding of the bible and apply it to a daily life of faith.

As you draw near to God in your thinking may you encounter His living presence in your own special way.

Enjoy the adventure.