Life Coaching

Coaching allows an individual to decide their own areas for personal development and includes active listening, observation and questioning!

I have and apply a working knowledge of NLP techniques.

My  coaching is essentially face-to-face, seeking to work with each person’s particular requirements as shared.

I have an understanding of leadership issues. I can offer insights into public speaking. I have worked with a number of clients around ‘time management,’ job search and interview preparation. There are other areas within the coaching process that I work in such as family concerns, slow coaching, career aspirations and the specific challenges for men.

The process is confidential and specific for those with or without a faith basis.

Neil Armstrong the Astronaut in Apollo 11 said in 1969 that “Accomplishing a goal is not as important as the person we become in accomplishing it.”

So we can exceed our personal expectations and goals and be surprised at who we become along the way!

So think of something very precious that you would like to have and are prepared to pay for? That’s how it is with life coaching!

Its a wise investment, returned with interest!

Rates are £47 per hourly session.

Appointments are possible during the day and early evening.


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