Changed status, same purpose!

During the last fourteen years while working as a personal Life Coach, alongside my responsibilities as a Christian Minister, I have worked with many individuals helping them to be inspired to achieve and attain certain goals and ambitions.

 Photo by Brett Jordan from Pexels

There are different stages in life when we have to make important decisions either planned or forced! In such circumstances we may offer a resignation to leave a job or end certain relationships.

Alongside resignation we may aspire to take up a new resolution to navigate present changes and future transitions. In the course of time we find ourselves at stages of retirement from roles that we have held for many years which might not be age related.


As a fall out from the pandemic many workers have been quitting their jobs which has come to be known as the Great Resignation. In my own working career I have handed in three resignations that have been quite consequential and life changing. Two of those resignations were made after a period of time weighting up the pros and cons. The third one was made very quickly but confidently trusting that I had made the best decision at the right time and without any subsequent regrets. In actual fact all three resignations have produced very good outcomes which considerably advanced my work and personal life.  

In making such decisions one has to be courageous, decisive and embrace personal support offered from friends and family to ensure, as far as it is possible, a smooth transition. In the context of my faith I have always prayed for wisdom and guidance so that I make a right decision. However, if a situation didn’t work out I would continue to seek a further wisdom and capacity to turn things around.  

Photo by Ron Lach from Pexels


On a daily basis we have to find and work towards resolutions at work, home and play. Life can get very messy and we have to apply resilience, tenacity and fortitude to ride any storm or period of calm. In action planning and clear thinking that is shared with family, friends and professionals we can climb any mountain to enjoy the stay and the view. We will then have a greater confidence and resolution to climb even bigger mountains with grandeur accommodation and landscape.


In November of last year after a time of reviewing my coaching practice I resigned myself to retire from my role as a personal life coach. At this present time I feel it is a good resolution that will open up new opportunities and mountains to climb. My status will have changed but I endeavour to retain the same passion and purpose to enable many people to grow and succeed in whatever they feel is before them in my continued work as a Christian Minister and author.

Rest and Relaxation

After periods of creativity and busyness it is important to find opportunities to rest and recover which can then lead to new areas of activity. People share many stories about entering into a different season while retaining their passion with a purpose and in so doing become more purposeful and productive.  

  • At this time of the year think about your own status, passion and purpose?
  • Are you still as enthusiastic and eager to make a difference?
  • Are you just hanging on by your finger tips and tempted to join the Great Resignation with little idea where you may want to move forward to?

My website inspire2achieve has been a tool to promote my availability as a Life Coach. It has also been an opportunity to gently and confidently apply Christian faith and insight for others to reflect and think over. I have repurposed the site to be an encouragement for daily living.

Photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV from Pexels

Since September 2021 I have created a new website with a colleague which is designed to raise and discuss topical subjects and relate modern-day issues from a Christian perspective. In these days when there is so much mass and social media it can be difficult to find a spiritual angle behind the headlines or the comments. I hope the website will encourage people to embrace a fair and balanced view of the many issues that exist in our country and round the world.

It has been a joy to travel with friends on WordPress, LinkedIn and beyond and I look forward to ascending new peaks and surroundings in the days to come with family, friends and professionals.


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